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Our Products - Always the best in premium meats

Always the best in premium meats

We deliver value from our box to your customer’s plate

We’re experts at the complex art of buying, cutting, aging and delivering premium meats. The best premium meat is a combination of quality and value—for you and for your customer.

Our expert butchers, led by CEO Carmine Romeo, have developed buying relationships across the United States and Canada and that means the meat coming into our doors is the best, bought at a price that delivers value.

Executive Chef Pete Lagerveld of the Gun Barrel Steakhouse in Jackson Hole became a believer:

“I cut all the meat here for 13 years,” he said. “Dakota Packing came in and said they could do a better job and deliver it cheaper…well, it turns out they can.”

We believe in doing things the right way.

Buying—Our network of long-term relationships with meat providers delivers the best possible raw product to our facility. We buy the best meat for the best value.

Cutting and Aging—This is where we truly deliver value, cutting meats to fit your needs. We get the most out of every beef primal when we cut it, and then enhance it with at least 21 days of wet or dry aging. We bring in the best of all meats—beef, chicken, lamb—and make sure it fits your specifications.

Delivering—Service comes from passionate commitment. Our commitment is to ensure that you receive the product your customers demand on time and right the first time. And unlike large food companies we can respond fast to your changing needs.


Dakota Packing has joined an elite group, approved by the USDA, to offer USDA Prime and Choice cut steaks. We start with region specific beef, procuring only the best corn-fed beef in the Midwest. Each primal is hand-selected, hand-cut, and hand-trimmed for uniform thickness and plate presentation.  We also offer special types of beef including Wagyu and Kobe beef.


All natural milk-fed veal from Midwestern farms.


We deliver a complete corn-fed Midwest pork, as well as Berkshire, Kurobuta and Duroc brands.


We carry full lines of domestic and imported lamb. Our domestic lamb comes to us from farms in Colorado, and we import the best of lamb from New Zealand and Australia.


Our chicken is USDA Grade A, plus we carry Organic and Natural poultry. This includes the best in chicken, duck, turkey and all other game birds.

Wild game

We also carry a full line of wild game including deer, elk, rabbit, bison.

We’re a full provisions provider—we can deliver all the other meats you need for your operation.

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