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Our Stroy - Let’s do things the right way
Dakota Packing CEO Carmine Romeo as a kid, working with his father, Carmine Romeo Sr. in the family butcher shop in Brooklyn

Let’s do things the right way

How we got to be the independent leader in premium meat

Dakota Packing began as an idea for a new kind of meat packing company in Las Vegas. At the time, the large casinos and restaurants were buying meat from large national food companies. Carmine Romeo came from this world. He wanted to start a meat packing company, and the result five years ago, was Dakota Packing.

“We said, let’s do things the right way,” says Carmine. “We treat our customers with respect. We hire the right kind of people and train them the right way. We go the extra mile. We treat the meat that comes through our door with respect.”

Carmine learned about “the right way” years before in his family’s meat shop in Brooklyn, New York.

“I’m a fourth generation butcher,” says Carmine. “It’s all I ever wanted to do. I loved spending time with my dad and his brother in the store.”

Today Dakota Packing works with clients across the United States, delivering meat as far as Florida and Maine. But that hasn’t meant cutting corners to grow big.

“We’re not interested in growing big or fast,” says Carmine. “It means a lot that each of us can count on each other to do their jobs well. Jose Acosta, our master butcher, for example, knows that if he needs help, Paul, Buddy, and I, we’ll be out there in coats, driving forklifts, whatever it takes to get the job done right.”

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